“… Any tasks given to him was completed with careful consideration and many times above what we were originally expecting. He would take time to understand the true goal of certain projects or requests and plan accordingly…”

Fan Yang, 2019

“… Tri has been extremely effective in these roles through leveraging several skill sets. First, he is adept in evaluating business processes, and addressing gaps through suggested improvements to procedures and technology. Second, Tri understands the criticality of the design and deployment of cross functional processes. This has enabled him to consult both internal and external stakeholders on supply chain health at all stages of the product life cycle. Last, Tri is a team player who is always willing and able to provide support and guidance to his colleagues. This has made him a go-to resource internally and with the customer…”

Marc Tornatore, 2019

“… Tri was very quick to pick up the intricacies of our business and apply his previous experience in supply chain to our global supply chain. He is an experienced buyer who was meticulous in his planning and created processes and dashboards to plan global inventory needs for $20m+ annual purchases…”

Sarha Mavrakis, 2016

“… Tri was very good at analytical and management skills. By gathering data and documenting assumptions historically, he provided the sales forecast that enabled decision making in sales plan and strategies for Pampers and Gillette in Vietnam… Besides, Tri leveraged his technical knowledge in IT to develop a variety of tools that helped the whole Vietnam market planning team in tracking promotion, shipment, etc.”

Manh Dang, 2015