Demand Forecasting & Planning

This is a critical step in business and operations planning processes. Depending on the business models, there are different methods to build the forecast. However, the common approach is usually based on, but not limited to, the below components:

  1. Historical Data
  2. Future Market Activities
  3. New launches

Demand forecasting & planning play a critical role in optimizing the supply chain’s cost, cash, and service.

What can I do for you?

Without the help of specialized software, navigating all the details of demand planning forecasting and planning can be tricky and easy to make mistake. For small businesses and start-ups, I am able to offer an approach that does not require expensive software and able to build tools that help you to implement the process.

  1. How to build a database that can be easily updated and extracted for critical data?
  2. How to incorporate future market plans to the forecast?
  3. How to forecast new launch effectively?