Supply Chain Consulting for Small Businesses and Start-ups

“It’s not the organizations that are competing. It’s the supply chains that are competing.” 

Wael Safwat, SCMAO

You would like to improve efficiency in your organization on a limited budget. You wish to have have solutions tailored specifically for your business’ needs, but would not like to spend millions of on a software package. Work with me! I can help in the following areas:

Demand Forecasting & Planning

  • How to build a database that can be easily updated and extracted for critical data?
  • How to incorporate future market plans into the forecast?
  • How to forecast a new launch effectively?


  • How to improve service with minimum impact on Cost and Cash?
  • How to make better decisions about sourcing?

Process Design

  • Cross-Functional Processes
  • Sales & Operations Planning for Small Businesses & Start-ups